The "Folklore Universe"

Folklore Universe, Architects and Reconstruction Project

The Folklore Universe describes events and happenings in different parts of the Confederacy, an intergalactic alliance of thousands of alien races, each one spanning across the known habitable Universe. The Universe has been shaped by what is known by the Confederacy as Reconstruction Project, which refers to a series of interventions by mysterious, ancient, technologically-sophisticated alien spaces, only known as Architects. For unknown reasons, the Architects possessed the ability to create life and tested this knowledge in the habitable Universe to create new worlds... and destroy others with no apparent modus operandi or definitive selection criteria. 
But what if the Architects have used ancient folklore or mythologies from various Galaxies and unimaginable civilizations to create those 'new' worlds? Would that really mean that bizarre and mythical monsters, vengeful Gods and impossible life-forms would now emerge in and occupy the Universe?

Calendar Time in Folklore Universe

The standard measurement of time in Folklore Universe is centered on the widespread publication of the critically-acclaimed theory regarding the Reconstruction Project by the Anandi scholars. The Anandi, a highly-intelligent life-form, residing in the Anoat Star System speculated that the Architects have been plotting the Reconstruction Project for at least 1,000 years before the date of their publication. The publication of this theory defines "year-zero" in Folklore Universe, while preceding events are described as BRP (Before Reconstruction Project) and succeeding events as ARP (After Reconstruction Project). Though it is unclear when the Reconstruction Project exactly started and how long it lasted (or if it is still ongoing), it is the publication of this theory itself that dictates year-zero, and the one that defines the understanding that the Universe has been Reconstructed, in a sense.

The Old and Modern Confederacy - The Barracuda Initiative

The Confederacy has started as an alliance of 52 technologically advanced races across different parts of the Universe, with the ability to travel long distances and exploit energy from uninhabited Star Systems (due to the respect of life). That era is known as the "Era of the Old Confederacy", spanning from 17,000 to 2,000 BRP. The era is characterized by peace, prosperity and space exploration.
As the Confederacy expanded its boundaries in the Universe, the people soon realized they were not the most advanced ‘combined’ Civilization in the Universe. Soon, they discovered hidden areas in dead space, known as cosmic signatures, in which abandoned alien spaceships, technology unknown to them, or peculiar artifacts from ancient times are found. It was this era that the Confederacy created the concept of Architects to include collectively all those lost races that for an unknown reason do not exist between them anymore. Given that this race appears to be, but is not, extinct, the Confederacy speculated that they were defeated in an ancient war, The War of the Architects, long time before the Confederacy was introduced. This is a vague description of time, and is only known as the “Pre-Confederacy” era. During this era, most of the current civilizations couldn’t travel in space, and were still underdeveloped.
After multiple exploration missions, the Old Confederacy recruited numerous smaller civilizations, intelligent but possessing inferior technology, most of which were primitive or shamanic. These steps led to the foundation of the "Modern Confederacy" and spanned from 2,000 BRP to 1,570 ARP. Modern Confederacy was structured upon strong democratic grounding, respect and kindness among the diverse races, which brought a collective peace treaty in the Universe.
However, this dark era also signals the creation of the Barracuda Initiative, also known as BARI. When the more war-fetching, imperialistic races, particularly driven by the insect-like Barracheeda, rebelled against the Confederacy and broke the alliance, a few civilizations joined their cause and started enslaving many of the primitive races across the different galaxies. With the menacing presence of BARI, the Universe was not as safe as it used to be, until an official war was declared, signaling the era of the Meta-Confederacy (1,570+ ARP).